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To Promote the diminishing Great Indian Telugu Stage Drama shows and to bring back the lost glory of the Telugu Stage Plays and to pass it to the next generations.

Mission Statement

Sarasija Theatres' is formed with a mission and a promise to promote the seemingly diminishing light of Indian Drama (Telugu Drama as a focus). Our vision is to bring back the lost glory of the Telugu Stage plays and be the torch bearers and pass it on to the next generation. We engage, inspire, entertain and challenge our audiences with theatrical productions that range from the forgotten classics to epics to historical to new age theatrical drama. We train and support the next generation of theatre artists and promote life-long learning to a diverse community as we celebrate the power of theatre to illuminate cultures and embrace humanity.

Our Spirit and Our Values

Spirit of Sarasija is defined by our Values which work as our guidelines in operation.

  • Strive for Artistic Excellence. We collaborate to empower artists to do their finest work. Our rigorous standards reflect our commitment to excellence in every area of production. We take pride in our outstanding track record of artists who want to return to our productions both locally in Dallas and all over United States.
  • Foster a positive culture, a commitment to excellence, and the continued development in Theatrical works.
  • Extend our art outside of our walls.
  • Work towards equality, diversity, and inclusion across all aspects of our organization. 
  • Highlight voices that have been historically misrepresented and under-resourced by the theatre field while staying close and connected to the present world. Keep the torch of Telugu drama lit forever.
  • Ensure that our work is accessible to patrons of all ages, cultural backgrounds, economic groups, and physical ability.
  • Provide exceptional service and hospitality to our patrons.
  • During our shows, the inside of the theater must not contain advertisements for any organization, program brochures must not contain advertisements for non-Sarasija events or products, and there must be no non-Sarasija announcements before, during or after the play. All organizations must seek approval to advertise outside the theater, including the lobby and parking lot, and approved organizations must agree not to solicit our audience inside or outside the theater with flyers.